Collection of quotes from great men of God from our rich heritage

BRO. N.N. Bogart

Former pastor of the
Church of God at Mt. Tabor

—The Remnant, April 1986, Creeping Paralysis 

“There is something wrong today when the forces of evil can creep in and destroy the very life (right principles) out of the country we love, also from those who would serve God. Forces of evil are moving in on every side: worldly forces, and the power of Satan is at work trying to destroy the people of God. But I say, in spite of all these things, God still has a people. Praise God! He has a people in this Seventh Seal Age who will stand. It may only be a remnant who are sold out, born again, sanctified, filled with the Spirit of God, and laboring in the army of the Lord, who will overcome the false powers that are in the world today.”


Former pastor of the Church of God in Iaeger, West Virginia

“There are many conditions that are alarming as far as the Church is concerned. We may never be able to meet together again. Every power of hell is moving to take away the liberty of the saints of God, and we ought to enjoy it while we can. It could be forbidden; I don’t say it will, but it could be. It has happened in other nations, and why couldn’t it happen here? So I say we ought to enjoy our salvation and our fellowship to the very fullest because I don’t know and you don’t know. I do know this one thing; the devil doesn’t like this, for sure. So I’m glad we’re still serving Abraham’s God.”

—The Remnant, August 1978, Is Anything Too Hard For God?


Former pastor of the Church of God at Wyanesboro, Virginia

“May I ask you a personal question? Is not faith harder to come by now than EVER before? Do you not find that Satan withstands you in having faith more so now than ever before? Satan, fights faith that he may prevail over you. He fights faith that he might not only hinder you but also prevent you from being enriched by faith. He also wants to steal from you the victories that you already have. But thank God, we have Christ and the power of His Spirit in us so that we may overcome in all things.”

—The Remnant, April – May, 1985, Is The Church In Danger Of Losing Her Physician?


Former pastor of the Church of God in Corbin, Kentucky

“If you obey God all the way, His grace will be available. It pays to stay true.”

“We need to have the right attitude as we go through. You’ll be happy as you mind your own business and work in your own garden, so to speak.” 

“If you’re suffering, think of what He suffered. It will help you not to become bitter but to stay sweet in your soul.”

“You can’t worry and fret and trust in God at the same time.”

—Mount Tabor Campmeeting, August 15, 1987


former pastor and evangelist of the Church of God

“God wants to do great things for us today. He has not lost one bit of His power.” 

“To find the Christ of the Bible, you will have to come to the Church of God—Mount Zion. He’s not dwelling among the hills of Babylon.”

“There’s a vast difference between hearing from the head and the heart.”

“The world needs an example of divine healing, and they won’t find it down in Babylon but in the true Church of God, the pillar and ground of the truth.”

“The devil would like to get the whole Church to deviate from the doctrine of divine healing. Because he knows that divine healing has a drawing power to the world.”

—Mount Tabor Campmeeting, August 15, 1987


Former pastor of the Church of God
in Evans City (now Connoquenessing)

“I thank God, He has given me everything I need physically, spiritually, materially, in every way. I don’t have one lack. Someone says, ‘Bro. Kline, don’t you ever have an affliction?’ Yes sir, but I don’t have a lack, I got a Healer. Praise the Lord! ‘Don’t you ever run into any problems?’ Yes sir, but I got a counselor. ‘Don’t you ever lack peace?’ Yes sir, but He’s my peacemaker. He said I’ll give you peace not like the world gives you; I’ll give you real peace. What kind of peace is that? The peace that you can lay down at night and go to sleep, that peace you can cast all your trouble on the Lord because He cares for you.”

—The Remnant, July 1981, If Thou Canst Believe