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Bro. Bill Roberts

Truth, oh truth, oh precious truth; how can we know what’s true?

There is a way, yea many ways – I’ll site but just a few.

First, there’s the Word, yea the Word of God, in its entirety;

And nary a precept, my dear friend, will be contradictory!

Old Testament types and shadows also verify these true’s.

And I thank God we can learn from what happened to the Jews.

Then there’s the Book of Revelation, exposing falseness on every hand.

Catholicism, Protestantism and all the confusion that’s spread throughout our land.

But wait! There’s more, yea, more proof, besides the written Word.

For when we have the Holy Spirit we recognize truth or error when heard.

Plus, our sinless lives we live each day, our heart free of all condemnation.

And a peace and joy that’s deep within that defies all verbal explanation!

Oh, to know this truth and know you know and be walking in it, my sister or my brother;

Is to be atop Mt. Zion where the view is truly like none other!