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The Church of God Train

She’s not built by man but born from above.
She’s bought by the blood of Jesus, and run by His love.
From engine to caboose and all in between,
There’s nary a blemish, she’s pure white and clean.
She started out in the morning of the gospel day.
And she overcame the Pagan trains on her way.
Thousands got on board when they heard the gospel story.
And how this was the only train a-leading to glory.
There were healings and miracles and wondrous facts;
And all this is confirmed in the book of Acts.
But just when things should have been noon-day bright;
She went into apostasy tunnel and it grew dark as night.
The devil’s beast train soon did appear,
Run by the Pope, superstition, and fear.
Sixty million were martyred in these dark ages.
And all this is confirmed in the history pages.
Then Luther started putting the foundation back.
Then along came Wesley a-laying the track.
But during his cloudy day, a great deception swept the land,
Through denominational trains that were formed by man.
These trains not only carried an unscriptural name,
But Revelation proves they’re part of Babylon and not of God’s train.
This diabolical system had God’s train all scattered about.
But around 1880, God called D.S. Warner and a few others out.
At sixth seal station, God’s train was again restored,
She became visible again as thousands fled Babylon and got on board.
She roared out of there in the sixth seal reformation,
And this was also confirmed through symbols of the Revelation.
She had the everlasting gospel and Holy Ghost pow’r,
And there were healings and miracles in car after car.
But she soon hit a little jog at necktie split,
She may have got slowed down, but she didn’t quit.
But this glorious train was still in for a surprise,
For she was drifting deeper and deeper into compromise.
But before too long God broke open the seventh seal.
And she speeded up again with a little more zeal.
She thundered out boldly to be the true Church of God train,
You got to have more than just the Church of God name.
She even tooted back at necktie jog and picked up a few,
Others either didn’t hear it or didn’t want to.
Then some got side-tracked at one-work junction.
Oh, it was labeled new light, but it was an old heresy function.
For one-work junction has been down in Babylon for ages.
And friends, she’s not worthy of your time, sympathy or wages.
Then some went down an independent lane,
But they’re headed for Hell if they’re not on God’s train.
For there is only one train going and she’s right on time.
And we either get on board or we’ll be left behind.
Now as she thunders forth as a mighty earthquake,
And causes ole Babylon to tremble and shake;
Saints, while we got her all shook up;
Let’s give ole Babylon her second cup!
Yea, there’s great things ahead if we help others aboard,
Keep prayed-up and close to the Lord.
So let’s not get in a lukewarm rut, but stay in the groove.
For Church of God train is on the move!