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February 19, 1973 changed my life forever, and I owe it all to God! In that year, I was a 24-year-old mother of two beautiful children and I had a good husband, but I was discontent and looking to leave my marriage and my children.

I also was a smoker, thinking that it would help ease the misery I had on the inside. On the outside, things looked good, but no one knew what I was thinking. My husband didn’t like for me to smoke, but I COULD NOT QUIT! My little children would watch me do it and OOOHHH, the guilt I had, but I COULDNOT STOP myself from doing it!

Around that time, churches in the county were coming together to host a crusade in the Bellefontaine High School. The church we were attending then also participated, so I went. I heard things preached that first night that I had never heard preached at our church, and I got under STRONG conviction, but did not know or understand what that feeling was. The next day, I was really a mess in my mind with conviction and could not wait to get back to the service that night to go down to the front and pray for this “forgiveness of God” that I had heard about the first night. I knew I needed what the preacher was preaching about.

When they had an altar call, I immediately went down. A friend of our family who had lived a Christian life before me came and prayed with me. I asked God to forgive me of my sins and to take the smoking habit from me. That very instant it was gone forever, PRAISE GOD! I never had a temptation to go back to smoking and the very smell of it makes me sick. I’m so very thankful to God for his mercy to me, despite being in Babylon!

My husband got saved three days later, for which we give God ALL the glory. April 2, 2017, we celebrated 50 years of marriage because God saved me “just in time.”