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My name is David Caudill and I like to give out my testimony of my salvation. I got saved February 12, 2020 and I feel like I have given my everything to God. I can admit I have lied to many people in my lifetime when I was 20 years old. I have lied to my grandparents, family, and friends and I couldn’t control my lying. I went to counseling a few times – that didn’t help and I felt like I had this guilt on me that everything I tried to do I have failed many times. I felt like I couldn’t get the help that I needed.

I felt worthless. I felt no one believed in me. Yes, me doing lying didn’t help at all leading me to turn bad and I used to smoke and drink when I was in my 20’s. I said a lot of foul language to many people that I had picked up on. But when I started my cursing I was like, “why am I doing this and why does it say I’m doing bad when I’m not doing good at this?” And when I was like, “ok, David, you need to quit because it will lead you in a bad way” – and it did! I couldn’t understand some people. Now when I hear those bad words I’m like, “well, I can pray for them” and walk away.

There was times I couldn’t walk away because I was involved and I could not say, “No.” Every time I hear someone cuss I just walk away because I heard it too many times.

Talking about my salvation and what led me to Mt. Tabor Church of God; I didn’t know that Paul Clerico when to church ’til he seen me and talked to me about church. And I asked my Mom and then I waited thinking to myself that, “yes, I do want to go.” And I went and I am proud to be part of the church of God. I learned a lot of things. I met most saints of the church and I’m proud to be saved.

All my worries, all my bad habits, all my cussing, all my other things that I have been doing is now gone. I know my grandparents, too, are in heaven and looking down on me; smiling down at me. I’m one of the four that are saved in my family. I’m glad to be part of Mt. Tabor Church of God and my mom has been saved for a lot of years. Thanks for all you do.

Bro. David