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Stay Steady

By Sister Jessica Willoby

Children’s Story

“Be careful children,” called mom, “It is slippery underfoot.” The two boys, bundled up against the cold, darted down the path, heedless of their mother’s warning. They were looking for an outdoor adventure this afternoon and wanted to waste no time getting to their favorite spot by the nearly frozen creek. Not far from the door, though, a small foot slipped on an icy patch, causing Jacob to wobble.

“Hey..hey..wait up!!” he called to his brother Matt, who turned to see just what was taking so long. “Not so steady on your feet, huh?” Matt called back to Jacob, who was hurrying to catch back up.

“Just a little slip.” Both boys continued to hurry down the path, then Jacob slipped again, falling backward and landing painfully on his wrist. “Now I’ve done it,” he said, struggling to stand back up. The boys looked at the injured hand and wrist, then turned back towards home. Remembering mom’s warning, they now watched every step along the way.

Sometimes the devil puts things along our path to try and cause us to slip up or wobble, but God wants us to grow to be steady and strong for Him. Being steady will help us not be easily swayed by the crowd at school or friends in the neighborhood, but be firm and sure in our stand for God. Being steady will also encourage those around us to stand for what is right and give others hope that they too can do it.

Just like the boys’ mother warned them of the slippery path, so God warns each of us in 1 Corinthians 10:12 to “take heed lest he fall.” He has given us everything we need to be steady and strong as children of God. He has given us His Word to be “a light unto our path” (Psalm 119:105), His grace to help us (Hebrews 4:16), and our God-called pastor to teach and guide us.