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Our On-Time God

by Sis. Betty Pittman

Danielle could not believe this was happening. She had studied for the big math test for days. She had reviewed the assignment with her dad last evening and knew every math formula perfectly. And now, sitting quietly at her desk, her mind was completely blank. Try as she would, she could not remember one math formula.

     With a few minutes left until the bell rang, Danielle walked down the hall to try and gather her thoughts. Then she remembered a scripture her Sunday school teacher had read to them.  It’s found in Psalm 51, verse 15, and reads; (fill in the blanks)

“And  _____ upon me in the _______ of  __________:  I will _________ thee, and thou shalt ___________ me.”

Psalm 51:15 – Fill in the Blanks!

     Danielle began to pray as she walked back to her room. “Oh, God, I’m calling upon you. I’m in trouble and I need you, I really do. Please help me.”

     Later, as the teacher placed the test papers face-down on each desk, Danielle looked at the papers with hope that she could remember all she had studied but. . .. nothing. “God,” she said to herself again. “You promised to deliver and I’m depending on you right now.”

      As the students turned their papers over to begin the test, Danielle rubbed her sweaty palms together and slowly turned her papers over. Drawing a blank at first, Danielle closed her eyes for a second, and when she opened them she could hardly believe her eyes. A feeling of relief swept over her from her head to her toes.

     As she started to work on the first problem, she once again closed her eyes and said, “Thank you God for being an on-time God. Thank you. Thank you.”

     Boys and girls, remember that we serve a mighty, on-time God. When you have a problem, don’t hesitate to call upon God for your needs.  God really cares when you feel stressed about a situation.  He wants to hear and help. Then, when God answers your prayer, always thank Him for being so kind as to help you.