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Inside and Out

by Sister Jessica Wiloby

Cindy skipped into the kitchen and glanced over at her mother. “What’s in the bag?” she asked, leaning in to see if she could get a peek. 

“This plain paper sack?” mother, gently waving it in the air. “Just a little something from your Aunt Linda,” she said as she set the bag on the counter and pulled out a large, round peach. 

“Peaches!” Cindy exclaimed. “Oh, I love fresh peaches from Aunt Linda’s.” 

Mother chuckled and emptied the bag of peaches into a bowl on the counter, setting the first one aside for Cindy. 

“Mother, I think that one is almost too perfect to eat,” Cindy said. “I think I will wait for the perfect time to enjoy my peach.” 

And wait she did. After a day or so, Cindy declared that it was the perfect time to eat her peach. 

Juicy bite after juicy bite, Cindy began eating the outside of her peach until, “Oh! Mother, come look!” 

Mother walked over and looked where Cindy was pointing. The inside of the peach was dark and mushy. 

“That sometimes happens. Fruit will spoil from the inside out, hiding the rottenness from anyone who would take a bite. It reminds me of your Sunday school lesson from a few weeks ago.  Just like this peach, the rottenness of sin hidden in the heart may not be seen by everyone, but God knows us inside and out.”

Dear children, just like the rottenness in Cindy’s peach, we know that one sin will stain the heart, where nobody may see it but you and God. Though your parents or friends may or may not see it, God sees every heart, and it will cause a separation between you and Him that can only be restored through salvation. We must be sure to leave our hearts in God’s hands, clean and white.  

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