Healed of Gall Bladder Attacks

I grabbed my side, doubling over with pain. “Something hurts,” I told my husband Richard. We didn’t know what was happening to me but prayer was our first option.

I later deduced the pain to be my gallbladder. I suffered with pain every time I ate fatty things like potato chips for fried food. I really like chips, so this made me sad.

Some friends told me they had their gallbladders surgically removed due to similar issues, and now they must stay near a bathroom in case of sudden emergencies. I knew I didn’t want to live like that. How could I go out on long countryside jogs if I always had to worry about digestive issues?

Nine months later, I felt impressed to go to the 2016 Manassas camp meeting in order to be healed. I planned my trip with high expectations. Sis. Michelle Barth was holding the prayer meeting one day and testified of how God healed her gallbladder. After the service, I met Sis. Michelle for the first time and she emailed me her promises and Bible study on healing and she encouraged my faith. She said that God created my body for optimum function, meaning He intended for me to keep all of my organs. She told me that Bro. Bill Roberts also was healed of a gallbladder issue, so I ate lunch with Bro. and Sis. Roberts that day to hear his testimony.

All I needed to do next was to obey James 5:14, “Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:” After the next service, I sat in the line of people waiting to be prayed for by the ministry. I was the last one in line, and all three ministers were available, so they ALL prayed for me at once while I looked up with a big, expectant smile. It felt to me that all these events were not coincidence and that God really would heal me at camp meeting.

I went back home to Ohio in a whirlwind week. The day after I returned from Virginia, Richard and I drove a few hours to his parent’s house to spend the rest of the week with family. We loaded my car with luggage and started driving. Before we left our county, a gallbladder attack started. Richard said, “Do you want me to drive?” “NO,” I shouted, “I do NOT accept this!” I knew God healed me and this pain was an attack on God’s glory, meant to rob Him of praise. The pain immediately left me, and I have not had gallbladder attacks since that day, years ago. I have subsequently eaten all the foods (some in abundance) that previously triggered pain, without issue.

I greatly appreciate being God’s child. His love and care are unrivaled. Psalm 150:2, “Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.”