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Handprint Cake

         Katie was so excited! It was her birthday, and her friends would soon be coming to her party. She watched as her mother made the last swirl in the thick chocolate icing. Mother’s special, “Tall-as-a-Mountain” chocolate cake was Katie’s favorite and she wanted it for her birthday. She decided that yellow candles would look just fine.

         While mother was occupied, Katie pulled a chair over to the counter and climbed up on it to get a better look at her cake. How her mouth watered for just one taste of the luscious chocolate icing.

          Something inside her said, “Don’t touch the cake, Katie.” Another voice spoke to her and said, “Go ahead, Katie. Mother will never know. Just take one little bit.”

         Katie carefully lifted the glass cake stand lid and set it quietly on the counter. Just as she reached out to touch the icing, she leaned against the cake stand. Thinking her beautiful cake was about to tip over, Katie reached out with both hands to catch it. In an instant, she realized what she had done.

         At Katie’s, “Oh no!”, her mother hurried in to find a teary-eyed Katie holding up two very chocolatey hands.

         Calmly, mother helped Katie wash off the chocolate as she explained the scripture found in I Samuel 15:22 . . . Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice . . .

         “Oh mommy,” Katie cried, “please fix my cake.”

         “Sorry dear, it’s almost time for the children to arrive,” explained her mother. “We’ll just have to have a handprint birthday cake.”

         Katie laughed and had fun as the children played their games.

Then it was time for cake and ice cream. Katie smiled as her guests sang

“Happy Birthday” to her and watched as she blew out all seven of her candles.

She secretly hoped no one would notice the big handprints on both sides of her cake. But little Sam did and exclaimed, “Hey, what’s with the handprints on you cake, Katie?”

         Katie smiled at Sam, but in her heart, she heard, “Behold to obey is better than sacrifice.”

         Oh, the guilt and shame of disobedience, boys and girls… Pray every day that God will help you to always be obedient to Him and His word.