Handprint Cake

         Katie was so excited! It was her birthday, and her friends would soon be coming to her party. She watched as her mother made the last swirl in the thick chocolate icing. Mother’s special, “Tall-as-a-Mountain” chocolate cake was Katie’s favorite and she wanted it for her birthday. She decided that yellow candles would look […]

A Good Name

In a little over a month, Ann expected to walk across the stage and receive her high school diploma. She had worked hard and studied diligently to maintain her excellent grades. She was excited that her mother and dad were planning a graduation party for her.  What she didn’t know was that the young people’s […]

How to Study the Bible

I love mysteries! I enjoy solving puzzles and playing games that take a bit of detective work. Do you? Did you know you can take those same skills and apply them to studying your Bible? It’s true! As Church of God children, you are taught to read your Bible everyday as part of your daily […]

Being Slow

Furiously pedaling her bike to catch up, Christy called to her brother, “Slow down, Gavin!” The children were speeding along the dirt path, dodging rocks, small branches, and holes. Glancing back over his shoulder, Gavin gave his brakes a squeeze, but it was too late. His bike hit a small rock, bumping him and causing […]

Our On-Time God

by Sis. Betty Pittman Danielle could not believe this was happening. She had studied for the big math test for days. She had reviewed the assignment with her dad last evening and knew every math formula perfectly. And now, sitting quietly at her desk, her mind was completely blank. Try as she would, she could […]