Campmeeting Celebration 50 Years

Campmeeting is without question a very special time for people of all ages. There, we make new friends and renew old friendships. It is there that we leave the world behind for a few precious days and safely relax in a little piece of heaven. 

For this issue, we are taking a step back in time as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Mount Tabor Church of God Campmeeting. Our desire in this special issue of the Remnant is to pause, remember, and reflect on God’s goodness to us. In all our celebration we want to recall the special ingredient that has made us what we are: TRUTH.

As I prepared for putting this issue together, I did much research and interviewed the older saints that were in attendance those 10 days in August of 1974. I reflected on my own introduction to the Church of God in 1980 and the memories accumulated through the years. 

As I did so, I came to clearly see that it is the exact same truth today that we hold dear that was proclaimed back then. A little history would be in order to put things in context.

It was in the early 1970’s. Our nation was reeling and hurting. Vietnam, Watergate, and racial unrest. There was the oil embargo and gasoline shortages. A free love spirit had fallen upon the youth of the day. Authority on many levels had betrayed the public’s trust. We were in the midst of the Cold War, and communism was on the march. 

The tail of the great red dragon was at work. It was here that Satan brought down prominent preachers who once were among us. They had, at one time, declared the same message of truth that we rejoice in today. The cost of heresy was enormous. There were many congregations prior to this that were fellowshipped. But when the message of truth along any doctrine is changed or discarded, there comes a separation.

Our purpose in all of this is simply that we might rejoice in the TRUTH: It was for this cause that God burdened Brother N.N. Bogart to start this campmeeting in 1974. Remember, this campmeeting started in effect because another campmeeting fell. None of us are exempt. We thank God for the TRUTH. We have no axe to grind; we just want to remember.

We are so very blessed. It is not the building or the grounds, it is not the singing or the beautiful music; it is not the lifetime friendships we have formed; it is nothing but the TRUTH. 

To help us remember we have selected a message that was preached by brother Harold Barber in 1974. Brother Barber was the night evangelist during that first campmeeting. The title was “God’s Perfection For Man.” While this particular message was not preached during the first campmeeting, it certainly captures the emphasis that was needed at that time on full salvation or two works of grace. This article was originally run in the Remnant starting in the fall of 1974.

Next, we have an article written by former Remnant Editor, Brother E.C. Henry, titled “Truth Marches On.” This reprint comes from the August, September 1974 issue. Brother Henry reminds us of the power of deception and the false spirits that emanate from false doctrine. But he also reminds us of the unchanging Word of God and that Truth Marches On—with or without us.

Then, what would be a campmeeting without a poem from our own Brother Bill Roberts? His poem titled Truth first appeared in the May 1975 issue of the Remnant.

Then we highlight a few of the many faithful men of God from those days titled, “Voices From The Past.” We dug back in our archives to bring a quote from each. We honor and appreciate the sacrifice and labor of these men of God.

Lastly, to round things out, we have a brief history of the origin of the Mount Tabor Church of God Campmeeting. We hope you enjoy this special edition and find a renewed appreciation for the truth and the whole family of God!