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Are You In Tune?

by Bro. Carl Birt

We were fortunate enough back then to own a piano that saw use through the years. I can still remember when the piano tuner came to our home. Back then, people in that profession primarily used tuning forks to bring the chosen key being struck into harmony. When properly tuned it had a great sound.

A few years later, we had gotten married and were just starting out. I had bartered for an old piano to have in our home. This piano was an upright piano, and it was heavy. Unlike the one our family had when I was growing up, this one had plenty of wear and tear. The scroll-work on the legs was chewed up like a dog had gotten ahold of it. It wasn’t much to look at, but it served its purpose for a time. While it certainly could have used it, we never had this piano tuned.

A piano, I am told, needs to be tuned at least once a year. I would think this would all depend on how much it gets used and its environment. 

Spiritually, we can be much like a piano. Our lives were full of discord, and sin had put us in a state of ruin. But like the old piano, our souls needed a restoration. We may have had broken strings, missing keys, and the hammer action may have been clogged by dirt and debris. But a good piano technician will disassemble, clean, repair and restore the instrument where it can be useful and bring a smile to faces. Through God’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, we too can be restored and made useful. Christ is the master tuner.

 A piano, as well as most any instrument, can be used to glorify God. There is nothing like a live performance. It brings pleasure to the hearer when one with talent plays having command of the entire keyboard. But that performance can be greatly diminished by one note. All it takes is one key to stick or sound flat and the whole song just does not sound as good. 

Every Sunday we assemble together, and through the singing, testimonies, Sunday School and preaching, God plays us. He makes sure every note gets used. What does He hear? Is there harmony? Are we in tune? Or have we become a little flat. God wants to tune us. 

As we mentioned already, there are things that can throw a piano out of tune and hinder it from being clear and bright when a note is struck. Our environment throughout the week can affect us. What and how we are thinking, the attitudes left unchecked, what we see or listen to. Going from a hot environment to a cool one can affect our tune. The humidity level needs to be relatively consistent. If the environment is too dry it can throw the whole instrument off. Has the world cooled you off? Are your devotions dry? Prayer keeps the tension on each string in our lives in balance. 

When something or someone is off-key, we sense it immediately. One note gone flat is felt throughout the congregation. It can be embarrassing to everyone. We feel bad for them and pray for them. We are all human. I am not making excuses for sin in any way, but what I am saying is sometimes we come in and we feel flat. Our feelings affect us. We do our best and press over them, but still we can be affected. This is when praise becomes a sacrifice. 

In this issue, we are highlighting a message preached by Brother Paul O’Neil titled, “When Something Is Missing.” Like the piano with a few flat notes in a life, the pastor as well as the whole congregation can sense something is missing. This message was like a mirror that passed over our hearts. We certainly do not want anything to lack in our lives towards God and our fellowmen. 

We also included a doctrinal article exploring the question, “What Is Full Salvation?”

In the Young People’s section, Sister Shannon Shafer aptly covers things that can affect our personal peace. The children’s section has a story with Cindy and her mother using some peaches to teach her an important lesson about her heart.

It is our prayer and aim that somewhere in these pages you will find a blessing.

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