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A Man of Integrity

Bro. T. Hyatt

Pastor, Church of God in Brandon, FL

Who can find a man of integrity? For his value is above that of wealth.

The heart of his wife doth confidently rely on him, so that she shall have no fear of lack.

He will do her good and not evil all the days of his life.

He seeketh opportunity and provideth for the needs of his household, working willingly with his hands.

He is like a merchant man; he trafficks in wisdom, knowledge, and equity.

He riseth before the sun, and prepareth himself for the work of the day, and whatsoever his hand findeth to do, he doeth with all his might.

He considereth a piece of land, and buyeth it. With the fruit of his labor he establisheth a household of faith.

He girdeth his loins with strength, and strengtheneth his arms.

His work is of the highest quality: he is committed to the labour necessary to make it so.

He puts his mind and strength to the work and persists until it is complete.

He hath compassion on the feeble-minded and the needy; yea, and he nurtures them with patience and goodly instruction.

He is courageous in spite of circumstances that arise, for he is prepared against the unexpected calamity.

His attire is appropriate for work or occasion. He is decent and respectable.

His wife has a good reputation in the community and is held in admiration for her wisdom.

He maketh a way through difficulty; and glorifies the God of his help.

Perseverance and determination are his clothing, and he anticipates good success in due time.

He openeth his mouth with sobriety, and his tongue instructs according to God’s Holy Word.

He executes his responsibilities with decision and purpose, and refuses slothfulness.

His children mature each in their season, and revere him; his wife also, and she honours him, because he is worthy.

Many sons have behaved wisely, but thou excellest them all.

Pride is deceitful, and strength is vain; but a man that feareth the LORD, he shall be honoured.

Give him of the labour of his hands; and let his own works praise him in the gates.†