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A Good Name

In a little over a month, Ann expected to walk across the stage and receive her high school diploma. She had worked hard and studied diligently to maintain her excellent grades. She was excited that her mother and dad were planning a graduation party for her. 

What she didn’t know was that the young people’s group from church was planning some special surprises for her. She was pleased that all the activities would be wholesome and godly.

On this particular day at school, Ann was confused by all the whispering and secrecy among her classmates. She soon learned that some seniors were promoting a “senior skip day” next Friday. She was surprised at some of the things they were planning.

Ann knew in her heart that Christians should not participate and decided that she would be in school no matter what pressure she felt from her classmates.

True to their plan, few seniors showed up for school on that Friday. Ann was the only person in her last period business class. She continued with her study as though the whole class were there.

After a while, the teacher approached her desk and asked her why she came to school that day.

“Well,” Ann said, “skipping school is just not right. Besides, I don’t feel that God would be pleased for me to take part in the activities I heard about.”

“Ann,” returned the teacher, “I admire you so much. I’ve watched your behavior, your dress and your pleasant attitude all year. You are a perfect example of a true Christian. I’d like to attend your church sometime.”

Boys and girls, as your school year ends, what could your teachers say about you? You may be the only gospel they ever see. The light of a Christian is so important. Look at what Jesus said in Matthew 5:16 and fill in the blanks: Let your ________ so _________ before ________ , that they may ______ your good ________, and ___________ your Father which is in Heaven.